Up to Spring

So I haven’t been sitting down with the computer too much in the last couple of weeks because as the days get longer, our time always seems to get shorter and shorter.  We’ve been enjoying evenings in the cool Spring air, and Drew and I are delighted to be taking Asher outside.  Folks, it was a long, 66 inches of snow laden winter, and these Waltons are ready to get outside and play.  We took the camera with us the other night, here are a few shots of us reveling in the lingering, lovely light…

baby hostas, baby feet.

They may be a weed, but I look forward to the violets blooming in the yard every year.

Look who's sitting up!!

They're pretty curious about each other...

our version of Easter eggs this year.

Asher's diapers all stacked up always make me smile, the colors are so cheery!

We’re off to North Carolina this weekend for our annual Easter celebration with friends and family.  I was about a month older than Asher the first time that I went to the Easter Party, so I’m pretty excited to be bringing him home to a tradition that his children (should he so choose) will hopefully one day attend.  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Well, regardless…happy Easter!

6 thoughts on “Up to Spring

  1. OH MEALS!!!! The one of Asher sitting up just about made me cry in my coffee! He is something else. And do tell about those diapers–they are so pretty! As a cloth diapered baby grown up I am always curious about the latest thing. Even if babies are far in my distant future, I like to keep up to speed! Also, hope y’all had a great trip!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. We’re expecting a little one of our own on Labor Day (how ironic, I know), and I wondered what type of cloth diapers you’re using with Asher. We really like the idea, but trying to decipher which “diaper system” is best has been a little daunting, to say the least. Any advice?

    • Hi Molly! Thanks for the comment! We use bumgenius, and I have to say, we really love them. We didn’t start using them until Asher was a little older which I think helped because we weren’t trying to sort out cloth diapers on top of sorting out becoming parents. You’re the second person to ask about them, so I think I’ll do a post, but briefly, we really like that they wick the moisture off of his bum so that they behave more like a disposable. We also use rice paper liners to catch most of the poo (they’re flushable, I order them from cottonbabies.com) which makes the whole process easier. Best of all? They’re better for the environment, and after the initial investment, we’re not seeing diaper money walk out the door every week. I had a dream of putting the money that we would’ve been spending on diapers in a jar towards a vacation so that if I ever questioned it, I could see the money adding up, but so far that hasn’t happened. I’m just enjoying knowing that we’re saving 🙂

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