Peter Pan

I just thought of Asher discovering his shadow for the first time and a whole mini-scene played out in my mind of him reaching towards the ground watching his hand and his new shadow-friend connect, and I thought about what a strange and bizarre thing it must be to see a shadow for the first time and then not be able to get away from it until you go to bed.  I thought about Asher asking me about it, how I would respond (truth or fantasy?  A little bit of both?  “A gift from the sun” is what I settled on.) and then I got choked up.  I’m sitting at my desk with tears springing to my eyes thinking about my not-even-crawling-son finding awe and companionship in his shadow and I feel a little foolish and a lot grateful that having children isn’t just late night feedings and poop in places that you’re not supposed to talk about in mixed company, but it’s also reconnecting with connecting.  With life’s firsts.  It’s WONDER-FULL.  What a gift.

5 thoughts on “Peter Pan

  1. Such a beautiful post! Baby’s “firsts” remind you of the importance of the little things in life. I think that is one of my most favourite things of being a mom… you get to see how your little one looks at things like he is the first person to have discovered them. It’s amazing!

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