Pictures into Words…

I’ve been hunting around for good writing prompts lately which has prompted me to look at a lot of photographs around the web and in our library. I’m loosely framing something together relating to ‘remains’…as in, what remains, lingering, physical remains, legacies…it’s all kind of floating around in my mind. In thinking about what remains in my life, I am predictably drawn to thinking about the life of this little child that we have created, the eventual man that he will become, and the very real reality that one day Drew and I will be memories and photographs for him. To me this is not a sad thought, but something absurdly sweet; I look at Asher every day and am awed by the notion that where there was nothing, now there is something. He remains. Parents obsessively taking pictures of their children strikes me not only as a measure of pride, but also a way of proving to ourselves that our children are really here with us. We aren’t dreaming, and all these daily microscopic changes are going to fly by before we are even able to grasp the truth of having become parents. In our wake we leave not only the remains of a life (hopefully) well lived, but a person too. I am so drawn to that story.

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