puzzle pictures.

According to Robert Motherwell, collage is “the twentieth century’s greatest innovation”.  This is a pretty bold statement from a man who saw the creation of everything from the car to the copy machine in his lifetime, and I can think of a long list of things that I might rank a little higher on my list of great innovations. That being said, I have always thought there was a certain poetic quality to mashing things together, with intention or irreverance, and am currently getting a kick out of Picasa’s collage function.  And let’s be honest, this is a much more efficient way to deliver some of the 10,000 pictures of Asher that are hanging around.  🙂  Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “puzzle pictures.

  1. Vicki, the nest was a gift from Ruth some time in the past, and without the leaves on the trees, we get lovely afternoon light that has me crawling all over the living room taking pictures of our things; I try to sneak them in where I can!

    Sue, usually he smiles like crazy at Gracie, but apparently I was the only one laughing during these pictures 😉

  2. Some fantastic art of the lil man.
    Goodness, Angela, the boys and I can’t wait to see y’all this weekend. Y’all still coming in, right? We’re planning to be there for that Friday night get-together at Ms. Jo’s fancy campus digs if we’re not too late on the RSVP.
    E-mail me at credroc@msn.com, if you don’t mind, please ma’am. I have a couple questions and my old work e-mail is no longer valid.

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