The baby is napping, Drew is working, and I am “cleaning” (read: poking around on the internet and putting up a blog post. I couldn’t risk vacuuming and waking the baby, now could I?)

We dug out from another snow storm yesterday, although this time it was only around 10 inches which, compared to the gigundo storm that we got before Christmas, seems completely manageable. We took Asher outside for his first romp in the snow. And by romp, I mean sit. And by sit, really I mean prop, but he definitely seemed to enjoy himself.  Take a look:

And here’s the latest from the embarrassing photo vault:

(Drew really enjoys picking out outfits for Asher, and I really enjoy documenting the results.)

That’s all for today, the dust bunnies are calling, so I must get to it.  Lots of love from the nest!

2 thoughts on “Sundaaaaaaaaaay.

  1. All I can say is…awwwwwww! He is tooooooo cute! Drew is not quite ready for haute couture, but the model sure is precious; and he, after all, makes the clothing! Thank you for posting!!

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