Photo Essay

I have been sparing you my usual long-winded ramblings because it seems that there haven’t been enough hours in the day.  Briefly, I will say that we’re doing great, ready to take on 2010 with vigor and zeal.  Here’s a quick glimpse of life since the great snow WOW of 2009:

Asher continues to work on sitting up

Drew dug us out...with a garden shovel and a leaf rake!

Grace smiled for Santa

Asher had a play date. (This is my friend Autum's son, Xavier. Autum and I have been friends since 3rd Asher and Xavier can say that they've been friends since birth.)

Drew picked up some fake mustaches for the whole family...

but we think that Asher's was the most convincing.

Asher was a very good sport about posing for some Christmas pictures.

but really, enough is enough already.

We put the babies to bed and rang in the New Year with other new parents, and had one of the more fun New Year's Eve nights that we've had in a couple of years.

And now we're looking into the coming year for such excitement as a first tooth, a first step, and maybe a word or two...and so very much more.

So that’s the quick run down…more to follow, I promise!

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