3 thoughts on “2010!

  1. Well, my my, what a stud muffin.
    Asher, you come down here to P’cola, bring those crazy ‘rents of yours and we’ll leave them at the house and go cruising the beach for some real Huggies (ya know what we’re saying, ;p).
    Oh yeah, tell that mama and daddy of yours that our mama and papa are so glad to hear about your arrival. Pop switched phones and lost your dad and ma’s info. He’s a real sharp one, our pop Sometimes I wonder if he needs us to change his Huggie … I really mean it — no double entendre intended there — he’s a real coullion.
    What’s that? Impressed we know words like “double entendre” and “coullion.”
    That’s how we roll in P’cola, dawg.
    Well actually we roll in our wagon. … And, if we’re being honest, we’re also buckled in. … And we usually have a toy, a blanket, something to drink or some sort of othe distraction. But, no seriously, THAT’s how we roll.
    Pop says tell your daddy or mama that they love them (oooh, gross grown-up cooties!!) and to e-mail him at the address above so they can catch up.

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