It’s beginning to look a lot like…

We took a look at the calendar and realized that between Drew’s work schedule and company, we had exactly one day to get a Christmas tree unless we wanted to wait until the week of Christmas.  So…

Here’s a look at some old and new Christmas ornament favorites…

A yellow submarine, a gift from Ruth in high school when I was in the middle of my Beatles obsession

A blown glass bird from Mom

Jo Ellen gave this to us...This is Drew in 1981, an ornament made in daycare maybe? So cute!

This is an ornament that my aunt Vicki gave me from her collection. I *think* it was my great grandmother's.

A new favorite...a gift from Ruth, I just love this fat beaded little chick.

A new treasure! Mom gave me this tree skirt this year, I think it's really lovely.

Presents waiting to go out to family

A scene from the Advent Calendar. It's a little German street, and as the windows and doors open, everything gets decorated for Christmas.

And on this snowy day, a whistling tea kettle ties the morning together nicely.

I will put pictures up of the snow (we’ve got about 2 inches so far) but right now I’m pinned under a sleeping cat and baby, so those will have to wait.  Happy Holidays!

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