A little help?

Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey

We got some sober news last night that a friend of ours from Warren Wilson was in a climbing accident in Australia.  Paul played soccer with Drew and is just a great guy, very funny and adventurous all the way around.  Although we haven’t seen Paul in a couple of years, the friendships that we have from our years at Warren Wilson are such that the good times, joking and love always pick up where we left off, and finding out that a member of that community has been hurt instantly pulls the WWC troops together.  Paul was climbing with friends in Australia and had a very serious fall, fracturing his skull and a number of bones in his face and possibly sustaining a brain injury.  He is currently in a drug induced coma to give his brain a chance to heal.  Our friends have set up a website where people can make donations to a fund to help the family offset the cost of Paul’s recovery, and everyone is reaching out to our individual networks through the web to ask for support.  If you would like to learn more about Paul and/or possibly make a contribution through PayPal of even a couple of dollars to his fund, you can do so here.  Either way, please take a moment to send a prayer, thoughts of love and healing, or any other thoughts that you have to offer to Paul and his family as they embark on what is sure to be an intense recovery period.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “A little help?

  1. I’ll certainly be praying for him, his family, and his friends. And since every dollar helps in these situations, I’ll trust that my meager contribution will be a blessing when combined with others who do the same.

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