Soup season.

You know how dinner and a glass of wine or two often leads to a lot of good ideas that wind up going down the drain with the soap suds as you clean up at the end of the night?  Well recently some friends of our were having such a dinner, had a brilliant idea, cleaned up at the end of the night but kept the idea going, and now it’s a reality!  Fall and Winter are unquestionably soup season, but sometimes there’s not enough time to make soup, or like Drew and me, you can find yourself in a bit of a soup rut making the same two or three over and over.  Enter the Cville Soup Group!  Every Monday a different soup arrives on our doorstep, taking care of dinner and the desire to have something steaming and comforting on these cool days.  In turn, we’ll make and deliver soup when our week comes around, and the good soup times will keep on rolling.  We’ve been going for about a month now, and all of the soups have been amazing so far!  I wanted to collect all of the recipes in one place, so I tossed together a website with the recipes so far and will continue to update it as the weeks progress.  If you’re in the mood for soup and want some recipe ideas, you can check it out here, or by clicking on “soup group” on the right hand side over there.  Yea for our clever friends and comfort food!

One thought on “Soup season.

  1. Yum. I just clicked on over. I’ve been in a soup making frame of mind too, so I’ll be stealing some of these recipes until my family asks me to move on. Thanks for sharing!

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