We had a great day!  Drew was off, and we set out to paw through some of our favorite junk/antique stores outside of Charlottesville with our eye on the upcoming holidays.  Asher does fairly well in the car as long as we don’t hit too many stop lights in a row, and once he’s in the sling (out of the car, that is) he starts snoozing almost right away.  We found a few little treasures and had a good time looking and dreaming about filling a house one day with the junk that we love so well.  Mostly we just enjoyed walking in the sun after a very cold and rainy weekend and pointing out all of the bold colors that are beginning to emerge in the Virginia landscape as Fall really aserts itself.  We came home and got settled for the evening; Drew brought in all of the plants as we have a frost advisory tonight, we cracked open a pomegranate for dessert and Asher had a bath, something that he is really beginning to warm to, and now we’re enjoying some baby-free time before crawling into bed.  Here are a few pictures from tonight…Drew being goofy with Asher joining right in, and me being sappy…just more of the same from the Waltons!  🙂





2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I know I’m bugging you, but I would LOVE to see some new pictures of that precious boy! As soon as you have time, please add some more. He is too beautiful!

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