In Living Color

Well, the leaves aren’t the only thing that are red and falling off around here…
sugar maple in our front yard

sugar maple in our front yard

My Aunt Vicki requested color pictures, and she’s right, I’ve been a little black and white happy of late.  It’s a good thing that she mentioned it because Asher’s red hair is falling out pretty rapidly, so this inspired a quick photo shoot this afternoon to make sure that we have some pictures of his fiery crown in case this is the only time in his life that we see it.  We would be thrilled if it grows back red, but we will of course take any old hair that feels like popping out of his cute little head.



What. Are. You. Guys. Doing?

What. Are. You. Guys. Doing?


We enjoyed a day together after Drew’s 4 day stretch in the hospital, and celebrated the beautiful Fall weather by exploring trails near Monticello this afternoon.  Asher conks out as soon as we start walking anywhere, so parents, babe, and mutt were happy under a lovely October sun.

2 thoughts on “In Living Color

  1. I’m so glad you put up the color pics. I could not tell how red his hair is…and I can tell more about his skin color, as well. He is truly a beautiful baby!

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