Well, we’re into week number 2 and everything is rolling right along.  Asher is continuing to gain weight, eat well, and above all surprise and amaze us.  We’re starting to get into a little bit more of a daily groove and I think that all three of us are getting more comfortable with all the newness of everything.  Our awesome pediatrician has given Asher a perfect bill of health, something that we continue to be extremely grateful for.  Up until last night he’s been sleeping for 3 hours at a time, but then threw us a curve ball last night, so we’ll see what this evening holds for us.  Our friends have been very kind with bringing really delicious meals by, so we’re just holding down the fort in our little nest.  Here’s a video of the little guy, and happy equinox!

2 thoughts on “video!

  1. I love it! How fun to see him in action. I’ll be praying that he finds that thumb and falls in love with it as Charlotte has, it makes a happy, self-soothing baby. Much love!

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