birthday boy.

Today is Drew’s 29th birthday!  We are celebrating this morning with Asher…in the sense that he’s snoozing, we had waffles with honey and now we’re just getting moving and loving that this is the first of the rest of our birthdays that will be celebrated with our little fella…that kind of celebration.

Asher is continuing to sleep quite well in his bassinet at night, about 2-3 hours at a time and for that we are very thankful.  Here’s a peek at how our morning started:

starting to wake up...

starting to wake up...

Proud papa face

Proud papa face

the best way to start the day!

the best way to start the day!

There is not an adequate way to express how incredible Drew is in his new roll as a father.  He is attentive and calm and graceful and beautiful to watch as he fawns over this sweet child.  He is, as always, incredibly thoughtful with both Asher and me and has been a true pillar of strength as we’ve navigated this first week as a family.  It is fitting that on this day last week we were celebrating the arrival of our son, and now a week later we are celebrating his father.  Birth brings about a lot of attention for mother and baby, but my experience is teaching me that it is the father that is the backbone of this entire operation.  Saying that I would be lost without Drew right now does not even begin to shed light on how much we’ve been relying on him, and of course Drew has risen to the challenge above and beyond with his usual humor, joy, and selflessness.  He is truly a sight to behold.  So happy birthday to a wonderful man and a remarkable father!

And if for some reason Drew and I drop the ball, Grace has decided to make sure that we know what to do…she’s taking her new charge extremely seriously:

Grace reminds Drew about the importance of a good swaddle...

Grace reminds Drew about the importance of a good swaddle...


5 thoughts on “birthday boy.

  1. We are wishing Drew happy 29th from afar. While I knew Drew would be a good father, I’m glad to see and hear that he’s made the transition to fatherhood quickly and seamlessly. Much love to all of you.

  2. Welcome to the World, Asher – who with Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Rising, gives promise of one very humorous, bright, giving, sensitive, curious, knowledge-loving, communicative and adventurous little fella!

    And a Happy Birthday to you, Drew, and Congratulations and Blessings to you for giving birth to your and Drew’s beautiful baby, Amelia!

    We’re delighted for all of you, and send blessings and tons of love for extraordinary, magical, fun and fulfilling times ahead…

    Love to all,
    Scooter and Joe

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