Asher pictures.

I am a little too tired/out of it/excited etc to write much here, but in a nutshell, we’re home!  We’re doing well, going on about 12 hours of sleep since Thursday, so I guess my career operating heavy machinery is on hold for the time being.  Here are some pictures of our perfect boy.  Love is a potent thing.


Asher's birthday 123

Asher's birthday 208

5 thoughts on “Asher pictures.

  1. How much do I love you three? I wish there were words! You are a beautiful mama, Drew is a glowing papa, and Asher is breathtaking. I can’t wait to hug all three of you!

  2. Oh¡¡.. I did´nt know a word about this…. suddenly I found you browsing TMI´s site.
    I´ve lived some times that great feeling, but only once the first baby´s birth..¡¡ Amazing¡¡¡¡
    I wish you three the best vibrations of this world to keep your love protected from any kind of storm.

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