his room.

Well team, taking pictures of a room is kind of a tricky thing.  I mean simple enough, but tricky to capture the sense of the space.  I’m giving that disclaimer as part of the reason that it’s taken me so long to get any pictures up of the baby’s room, and also because it’s been a day-by-day process as people have kindly contributed to making this a home for a baby.  And so it’s without further ado that I share a few pictures of our little guys room…

This is the view walking in:

Drew picked out the planetary mobile hanging over the crib, it’s a relatively accurate model of the solar system, something that is very important to infants, I’m sure.  😉IMG_8641
His changing table…we’re waiting on the pad and in the meantime his sheepskin, or “lamby” is holding down the fort:
(Also note the excellent print, that you can’t really see, hanging on the wall from Lisa)

And here’s the nursing/reading nook.  This is where I’ve been doing my sitting of late, thinking about the little fella.  The cabinet to the left was something from my mother’s childhood, a pie safe that is now doubling as a wardrobe:IMG_8633

And finally, the baby’s view of the mobile.  It will be a few months before he’s in his crib, but I think this will be pretty neat to look at once he’s there:IMG_8637

I realize in getting this together that I should’ve taken some pictures of the little things in the room that have brought me a lot of joy…the homemade gifts, like an excellent elephant friend from Claui, the sweet bird rack from his Aunt Julie, the vintage alphabet prints that are hanging over the changing table, and so many more of the wonderful things that people have shared with us, but I didn’t do that just yet, and now this is uploaded and ready to publish, so with any luck I’ll follow up with some of that in the very near future!

2 thoughts on “his room.

  1. Oh I love it! I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but just seeing his precious room makes me tear up! I can’t wait to see y’all holding your boy. You did a wonderful job on his space; it looks perfect!

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