It’s in the can.

Labor on labor day?  Sounded good to me, but so far, no dice.  Drew’s working in the hospital today and I’m taking care of some work things and house things and thought I would share some pictures from the weekend.

On Saturday, we converted about 15 lbs of tomatoes from the garden into salsa and canned it.  This was our first canning venture, and we both enjoyed it.  We don’t have a pressure canner so we just used the water bath method, and given the small quantiy that we were working with, it went pretty quickly.  Now we’re thinking about making tomato sauce, and pickles and…oh right, we’re waiting on a baby to arrive.  Well, I’ll let you know if we stock the shelves with any other summer goods, and how the salsa turned out!

IMG_8567The prep work…skins removed from the tomatoes, diced onions and diced bannana peppers and jalpenos from the garden.

IMG_8572The skins waiting to head to the trash.

IMG_8573Cooking the salsa down…

IMG_8577And filling the jars before sticking back them back in the boiling water to seal them.

IMG_8619Voila!  The finished product.  Now the question remains, when do we dig in?

One thought on “It’s in the can.

  1. I think you’ve been introduced to my love of salsa! Seeing those jars makes my mouth water; they look beautiful and I’m sure they taste just as good! Sorry for the no labor on labor day, but take comfort in knowing that your boy is getting really well done in there!

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