Week 38. 18 days and counting.

photo from right this minute:

Photo 8

Whew.  I am seriously pregnant.  I, we, are 38 weeks today…this little guy has been a part of my body and our collective consciousness for 9.5 months now, and as far as I am concerned, he is welcome to show his face any old day now.  I’ve been keeping a sporatic journal to him throughout the pregnancy, and it was an exciting moment to write to him this morning and let him know that today is the first day of his birth month, something that he shares with his daddy-o.  We had our weekly appointment yesterday and the midwife said not to get too excited, being a first time mother, having a boy etc all points to another two weeks of pregnancy, so I am just patiently integrating that knowledge with the hope that he will defy all odds, listen to the full moon this Friday and surprise us all.  I know that I am just like every other expectant mother with this vain hope, but by that same token, I’ve had three 1st time mother friends that have delivered anywhere from 1-3 weeks early (all with boys) in the last 4 months, so I am open to all possibilities!  Everything is still smooth sailing, I’m sleeping well, have a good appetite, the gestational diabetes are under excellent control, and my body, though feeling pretty foreign right at the moment, is hanging in there.  Mainly I’m slow and get a little misty eyed thinking about an afternoon nap, but otherwise, all seems to be in order.  Drew and I are getting a little ridicoulously sentimental and nostalgic about our quiet time together…constantly looking at each other over the tops of books and magazines or pausing whatever we’re doing to say, “we won’t get to do this much longer” and getting all sappy and googly eyed as we celebrate our indulgent silence, trying our hardest to honor these last couple of days/weeks of the ‘us’ as we’ve known it for the last 8 or so years.  I, of course, promptly follow that up with a statement to my large moving belly to the tune of, “but don’t let that stand in your way, feel free to disturb the peace now.  How aaaaaabooouut…now!  Now?” before we return to our current life as we know it.  Ahh well.  18 days and counting.

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