Some Randoms…

This is a quote that I think about quite a bit:

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do”
-Freya Madeline Stark

I am afraid that I still struggle to reconcile this gap, in large part because there’s a great deal of life that can’t be quite as indulgent as my imagination believes possible, I think, but I do think about walking my talk, so to speak, quite a lot.  Tuesday seemed like a nice day to remind myself of this.

And unrelated…

How cool are these?  Drew and I have repurposed a number of jars and cans for various things over the years, but never with quite so much finesse.  I am not totally clear where you can buy these (or whether you can) and I know that there’s something similar for glass jars, but I haven’t come across them in a while.  Anyway, this makes the pickle jar that’s home to our herbamare look a little homely; there’s something about these tin can lids that I find so charming.  Read the article here.



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