Fun at the Festival

Another weekend coming to a close!  We had a great couple of days…a quiet Friday night and then yesterday we headed out to a local brewery, Devil’s Backbone,  in Nelson County for the first annual Brew Ridge Trail Music Festival.  Lots of local vendors showed up and we enjoyed a day of good music and great company.

all photos by Tom Daly

Picture 3

The captain of the UVA hula hoop club was hanging out: (I’m not joking)

Picture 2

We were also celebrating our friend Jedd’s (center) birthday:

Picture 6

Our friends Joe and Leigh Anne just welcomed their son Devin Gabriel into the world about 2 weeks ago.  Here he is enjoying his first music festival at a mere 11 days old…not a bad start!

Picture 5

And our buddy David, ever the ham, keeping us all entertained:

Picture 4

We were happy that we braved the rainy start for what proved to be a gorgeous, if not steamy, day.  Today has been spent accomplishing some much needed organization in the house and basement, with Drew taking a break for a kickball game.  Mostly everything is unpacked and ready for the baby, and so we’re wrapping up this Sunday evening with visions of sweeping mountain views, organized shelves and the sounds of local music floating through the air.

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