Funny Face.

It’s Monday, and while this isn’t particularly relevant to anything, I just ate the most delicious Fuji apple that was so full of flavor and juice that it actually sent some juice flying across the room when I bit into it.  What a tasty way to kick off my morning!


Ok, down to the serious business here (haha).  We had a long weekend it seemed, though it was the usual Saturday and Sunday.  Drew is building a fence with a friend that just bought a house, so they hammered and sawed away at that all day Saturday in the sweltering heat and made impressive progress.  We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Saturday night and just took our time enjoying the outdoor seating and food.  It’s a Tapas restaurant, so we enjoyed the multiple course feel of getting little bites progressively and agreed that our favorite of the evening was a crab stuffed chilli pepper in a smoked ancho sauce.  Yum.  We talked about things other than this baby of ours for most of the meal (shocking, I know) but did come back to his imminent arrival at the end of the night as we talked about traditions that we want to either carry on, ditch, or implement with our budding family.  Of course the little man isn’t going to know the holidays from his elbow this coming year (yeah, or really next year for that matter), but we figure we can start amusing ourselves with laying some of the foundation for birthdays and Christmas and weekly activities in this coming year.  We then both went a little tradition planning crazy before realizing that we needed to reign it in and hunt down some diabetes friendly dessert.

Amelia04Me around the same age as D in the picture above.

Following that conversation, for some reason I started thinking about what the baby might look like…which is a very abstract concept at this point, and something that Drew and I both admit to giving very little thought to.  We’ve wondered a little, but I’ve at least never actually tried to picture any of his features…how could I?  Mom and Skip shared some scanned pictures from my childhood this past week, and I’m going to pull some pictures of Drew that Jo Ellen sent to us because, while it’s true that this guy is largely going to look like himself, there is something charming about imagining seeing bits of each of our families in his face.  It’s funny to think that I have no idea what this person that we are about to know so well will look like, while in the very near future I won’t ever be able to imagine not knowing his face.  Soon enough, soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Funny Face.

  1. It is a pretty odd thing to think that this person who is already so much a part of you is still unseen.
    Though I love Drew more than words can say and I think he was a very cute little boy (and now a handsome grown up), he was not so cute as a baby. So here’s to hoping that your little man gets some of your baby cute genes. Rest assured though that if he does resemble a frog as Drew did as a baby that I will dote on him and tell you that he is beautiful. You of course will think he is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. 🙂

  2. Well Ash, I won’t lie, the word ‘frog’ has come up in our discussions more than once. You’re right that no matter what we’ll know that he’s perfect and beautiful, but perhaps we can avoid the silence that greeted Jo Ellen as she proclaimed, “who thinks I have the most beautiful baby boy in the world?” 🙂

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