Drew and I like the woods.  Especially in the Fall (Spring is for fields, Summer for rivers, Winter for the covers) but hiking in the Summer is always welcome, and it’s something that we’ve done less of as I’ve turned into a movable mountain this year.  If we take a camera when we hike, Drew inevitably takes pictures of tree bark, a quirk that delights me even though I poke a little bit of fun at him for all of the pictures of bark that we’ve acquired through the years.  The best are the pictures of the bark in Costa Rica which made our Locust trees look welcoming, but good old pines will intrigue him too.  In a way, Drew’s painting style is quite a bit like tree bark…seemingly random patterns until you look closer and see the beautifully intricate design of a meticulous mind.  I am not sure what we’ll do with the bark pictures, I have a vison of constructing a large photo tree with them one day or maybe bark wrapping paper sounds neat to me…I bet there’s a way to have your own wrapping paper printed, and I can certainly think of some simple ways to make my own.  For the time being, I thought that I would share a few from our recent hike to Humpback Rock as a view of the world as Drew sees it.  I’ve left them full size so that you can really get a feel for them…100_2408


2 thoughts on “Bark.

  1. Post Script…

    I apologize for not mentioning what type of trees these are. I haven’t said largely because I don’t know…I’m ok with id’ing trees when there are leaves around, but am sadly at a loss with the bark alone. Drew?

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