Jo Ellen’s Visit!

Drew’s mom, Jo Ellen, came to visit this past week and we had a ball!  Drew and Jo drove up to DC Thursday morning to do a power tour of the Nation’s Captial and came home full of stories and sites on Friday evening.  They really saw a lot of Washington and venture that they walked many many miles in their two days there.  They both loved seeing the museums, and particularly liked the monuments around the National Mall.  On Saturday we went to the local Farmer’s Market, did a little work in the back yard, checked out downtown Charlottesville and had a great meal with Mom and Skip Saturday night and then Sunday we headed up to the parkway and hiked to Humpback Rock for a fine view of the Blue Ridge mountains.  Drew got a smoker for Christmas and has since rounded out his grill master status with his excellent smoking abilities (insert wry statement here) and so he smoked a chicken and some local corn for supper, and we had a lazy night in.  Jo Ellen takes to the sky this evening and we’ve already got plans for her return in September when she’ll come to meet the newest little man Walton.  Of course these trips always feel too short, but we loved loved loved having Jo Ellen here, and it was particularly special that Drew and Jo got to share the trip to DC together as that was a favorite vacation of Jo Ellen’s history loving mother, Jean.  100_2299









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