From the Outer Banks…


As I mentioned the other day, I was fortunate enough to slip away for a quick vacation with my most wonderful friends from college for a couple of days of maxing and relaxing.  Winborne’s parents were kind enough to let us invade their beach cottage for the week, and it was wonderful to be around these ladies, catching up, singing a little bad karaoke, going on a vintage store extravaganza, and watching them surf while I held down the beach.  We try to get together as often as possible which is a little tricky with everyone being scattered all over the place, but we’ve managed to work in one beach trip a summer since college.  Claui had to head home before I remembered to bust out the camera, so she’s not in the pictures, but I loved seeing her before she had to hit the road.  Warren Wilson gave us a lot of great things, but my favorite by far are the people that we met there, it’s a pretty awesome group.

Winborne’s baby, Francesca:francesca


girlsFrom L-R: me, Alice, Mcghee, Winborne, Charlotte, and Francesca on Winborne’s lap

winborneTaking in the sunset…




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