My Warren Betes

Well, I escaped to the beach with my ladies for a couple of days last week, so please forgive the silence.  I will post a few pictures from that adventure very soon, I promise!  In the meantime, I was asked to give a belly update, and so it is without further ado that I show you this:

Photo 34

That picture is actually about a week and half old which, believe it or not, makes a difference when you’re adding a 1/2 inch to your girth each week, but it will have to do for now!  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a week or two ago, so the remainder of my pregnancy dining is pretty heavily scripted, but all in all it’s been just fine.  Mom and I met with the endocrinologist yesterday and he told us that I was not majorly over my glucose allowances, but as these things go, if you’re even one point over you’re branded with diabetes.  The diet is remarkably similar to how Drew and I already eat, I just have to add in a few more snacks and just say no to the finer things in life like ice cream sundaes.  Oh, and test my blood 4 times a day.  They gave me a lovely purple glucometer, so I just stick, read and record and go about my business.  So far everything has been ship shape, so I am extremely optimistic for a healthy and normal 2 final months of pregnancy.  Drew was nothing short of a saint in the first couple of days when I was trying to sort through the math puzzle that is the diabetic exchange; he read, shopped, and fed me with the diligence of…well, a nurse, and a really good one at that.  I would have been very lost without all of his help, but here we are a couple of weeks later and already it’s starting to feel old hat.

We are looking forward to visits from my friend Lisa and Drew’s mom, Jo Ellen in the coming week, and then it will be August which will be the last full month of our lives without a child.  Pretty wild stuff!

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