oh boy.

lucille-ballI asked Drew yesterday when my third trimester was supposed to start because there’s this strange period of time in your pregnancy when you realize that trimesters are broken down into three month sections and yet there are 40 weeks in a pregnancy, so your sixth month is a magically long month and it somehow it all balances out in the end.  Given that, I have ignored months for a while and have just tried to stay on top of counting weeks which seems simple enough, but given the pile of macaroni that my mind is capable of falling into these days (both literally and figuratively) keeping up with the weeks can be a little bit of a challenge too.  Anyway, all of that is to say that my 3rd trimester starts next week.  At which point we will be 12 weeks away from bringing a child into the world, which is very exciting but also…well, you said it Lucy!

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