A picturesque Sunday…


Sunday morning started with a slight change of plans…I was going to go to my friend Autum’s baby shower today, but her son had other plans in mind!  He entered the world a little ahead of the schedule (he was due on the 4th of July) yesterday morning at 5am (ish) with a head of brown hair and a perfect bill of health!  Autum and I have been friends since 3rd grade and it has been so fun to do our pregnancies and soon motherhood together.  She and her husband Jeremiah were both glowing and little Xavier was perfect beyond words.  Best baby shower I’ve ever been to!  Xavier1



On the way home I couldn’t resist a stop at an overpass to snap a couple of pictures and soak in the clear, gorgeous day.  view1

I had to read the carved names in the railing and although I don’t condone vandalism, I do think there’s a certain amount of poetry in the things that people leave behind and kind of wished that the park service hadn’t tried to paint over the declarations of so many that “was here”…railAnd I don’t really know what to make of this next photo.  As I mentioned, this overpass is a ‘memorial’ to the men and women that work with the Virginia Dept of Transportation.  There was a sign saying as much, and apart from the beautiful view, the only other thing that I saw memorializing these workers was this:


A trash  can.  Granted, a very fancy trash can, but a trashcan nonetheless.  I think that the fine state of Virginia may not have hit quite the note it was looking for here.rd

After that, I had a tranquil drive home thinking about the sweet new family that I just visited, day dreaming about the family that Drew and I are cooking up, and thinking about all of the fun that Autum and I are going to have raising our little boys together.  A good Sunday indeed.

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