David Byrne

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In the interest of doing things that we love while it’s still easy to jump in the car and go, and because we are very lucky to live in a city that welcomes a lot of great artists, Drew and I headed out to see David Byrne last night, and it was a fantastic show!  David is most well known for being one of the founding members of The Talking Heads, but his solo career has also been excellent, and the show last night was full of the fantastic visionary weirdness that we would expect from him, though executed with a certain amount of sophistication.  Everyone on stage wore all white (matching Mr Byrne’s hair quite well) and the whole scene was rounded out by the three well choreographed interpretive dancers (is that a contradiction in terms?) that lept between all of the musicians throughout the show.  He played some Talking Heads classics, and a lot of more recent material, and we were captivated.  The first time that I saw the Flaming Lips perform, I thought to myself, “man, in a perfect world all children’s birthday parties would be just like this, and maybe mine too.”  That thought crossed my mind again last night as I watched the adults on stage having so much fun and letting go of any notion of how one is expected to behave in favor of how one feels it is best to behave.

Photos courtesy of our most excellent photographer friend, Tom Daly.

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