Live from Navarre Beach, FL

Hello from the beach!  Just a couple of pictures and an update to say that we are having a wonderful time!  The weather has been amazing, and I am still in awe that water can be this clear so far north on the Florida coastline.  Even though I’m supposed to be an adult these days, I have to admit that I take great comfort in being able to see my toes 100 yards from the coastline and we wake up to dolphins playing in the surf and point out the schools of sting rays swimming by during the day.  We’re all sunburn free, sand castle schooled and generally happy!  Now Drew and I are just trying to figure out how to get an ocean at our house…

Here’s Drew stretched out in the Gulf:


Here’s baby Charlotte giving us a lesson in what one is to do at the beach:


Drew built a sand couch facing the ocean…Caroline sits with Uncle Neal and Uncle Drew:


And this is how the days look…you can still see the effects of hurricane Ivan in the background…


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