“If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come”
-Chinese Proverb

Ok, so we’ve more or less been in a drought for years, and much like the national deficit, it would seem that there is not enough rain in the sky to get us caught up.  Given that, let me commend the noble effort that the weather is making to get ahead…perhaps this is the weather version of a stimulus package.  It has been raining for days, and it appears that it is going to continue to drizzle through the weekend.  While I have been whining about this a little and ironically humming Here Comes the Sun to myself, I have to say that it is hard not to acknowledge what a grand job all this rain is doing to kick the world into a lush, velvety carpet of green and for that I am very grateful.  The mountains are free of any barren blemishes (save local mining projects, but I digress), the grass is growing at a rate that makes even the kudzu feel inferior, and generally we are being blanketed in the kind of green that all of us East Coasters live for all winter long.  Though a little less showy than waking up to the mystical first snow in winter, there is something equally breathtaking about that one morning in Spring when it becomes clear that green is in and brown is suddenly so last Fall.

I just wish that we could go for a dry walk to ‘soak’ it all in…

So here’s to you, Rain, and your rejuvenating bag of tricks.  May you prosper, but please give some thought to sharing some of the Spring glory with that feisty old ball of fire up there too.

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