See ya in the Fall, ya’ll!

Well, no, not really, but that is what I said to a great deal of my wardrobe as I packed it away last night.  But I’ll get to that…


It was a lovely weekend!  On Friday we held our first International Croquet Party with some family friends, and it was a trip to say the least!  Everyone wore their finest whites and we took to the field with a general idea of how the game is played and a lot of spirit.  It would appear that great croquet playing does not run in the family as Mom and I were, ahem, not the strongest players on the pitch, but we sure did have a good time trying!  Drew was working, so he joined in time for a late glass of wine and some recounting of the battle stories, and I think that there are already plans in the works for the next match.

On Saturday we went to a very nice, though slightly bittersweet going away picnic for friends that are moving to Oregon at the end of the month.  It was our hope to get home in time to plant the rest of the vegetable garden, but the rain had a different plan for us, so the day ended early with a movie on the couch and the sound of more Spring showers hitting the ground, which was really the perfect end to the day!

Sunday was mostly a chore day, and this is where the fond farewell to most of my clothes comes in.  I finally bit the bullet and sorted through everything so that those that are not as accomodating of this growing belly can make way for the roomy options.  I had always looked forward to the idea of maternity clothes, and while I appreciate how good pregnant women have it these days, I have to say that making puppy dog eyes at maternity clothes is the business of women who aren’t in fact pregnant.  Now that everything’s organized, and I don’t have to be distracted by those boring old who-wants-to-wear-pants-with-zippers-anyway options, I am all set for the 2nd half of this pregnancy!  We’re officially counting down the days to the first ultrasound and in the meantime we’ll be waiting for the rain to break to get our vegetables going (and then waiting for more rain to get those vegetables growing) and generally starting to look towards Summer!

One thought on “See ya in the Fall, ya’ll!

  1. I love the picture! It’s a bittersweet thing, saying good bye to the clothes that you will hope to slip back into sometime next year. Rest assured that people have much grace for pregnant women wearing the same outfits week after week, they don’t even seem to notice as they are primarily concerned with “how are you feeling?” and “how many weeks do you have left?” Can’t wait to see y’all.

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