So far…

Well we’ve been swept up with Spring and the great outdoors the last week or so! We went from chilly Fall-like weather to something bordering on Summer, and I think that the weather is spending this week catching up with itself so that we will have at least a little taste of true Spring-like temperatures.  We finally got to do some digging in the dirt this past Sunday.  I put out the flower bed, and the rest of the veggies are next.  When the tomatoes go in, we’ll know that we’re really on our way!

I thought that I would give a baby update and post a couple of pictures…the baby is growing right on schedule and spending quite a bit of its time moving around in there.  We saw our midwife Donna on Friday and she gave both of us a clean bill of health (the baby and me, that is.  Though for those wondering, Drew’s health is ship shape too.) and we got to listen to that lovely heartbeat again.  The baby was being a little playful, dodging the doppler and moving from side to side, but we still got hear the heartbeat.  I hope that he/she is a little calmer for the ultrasound which we now know is occurring on May 21.  Drew and I also got married on the the 21st 4 years ago, so it seems fitting that this next milestone, finding out the gender and seeing our baby for the first time, will fall on what it proving to be a very special anniversary.  And the belly, or the baby’s house as it’s starting to feel…

photo-21(16 weeks)

photo-251(about 18 weeks)

photo-2620 weeks

Well the baby’s house is continuing to grow!  I have been spared any major discomfort so far, and I’m sticking with yoga and water classes which is helping me to stay focused and maintain a sense of ownership over my body.  After working in the garden this past weekend, Drew and I both happily moaned and groaned a little about aching backs, but it all seems to be par for the course and all in all mama, papa and baby are doing just fine!

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