The Pictures to Go with Yesterday’s Post…

I had to run to an appointment yesterday and had to interrupt the photo upload, so I’m now adding a couple of pictures from Leah’s birthday party (the cabin adventure mentioned yesterday) and a belly picture…this is the very first picture that I’ve taken of the growing belly so far, but today marks 4 months, so it seemed a good time.

I went to a friend’s art opening last night that was really great–she spent a year traveling (mostly in South and Central America) and took hundreds if not thousands of pictures shot on Polaroid 660 film and then digitally interpreted the pictures and transferred them to scrap wood (pardon the basic nature of that description of her process). It was a very cool exhibit that encompassed the haphazard nature of international travel, and also revealed once again that she has a lovely interpretation of the world around her. Subsequently I spent the night dreaming about living in an RV looking through the windows at blurry photographs whirling by as I bumped along the road. Last night was one of the few nights that I didn’t have a baby on my brain or in my arms in my dreams, and was also, I think, the first time that I have dreamed through photographs.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks…Leah and KatieBirthday girl Leah and Katie


untitled-event-20The camping crowd

photo-21The baby’s home

So that’s the update for today, back to the grindstone and another sunny day!

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