Well it’s a sunny, beautiful, slightly cool, dare I say SPRING Monday, and I wanted to take a minute to catch up in the blog world. First I should say that the reason, I think, that I’ve slowed my blogging down so much is that I am professionally bound to the internet all day long and so my personal time spent on the internet is brief, at best. Secondly, I used to blog quite a bit in the evenings, but wouldn’t you know that after about 7pm, this growing baby inside of me is interested in just about 3 things, and three things only: hearing Drew’s voice, ice cream, and the highly coveted sleep. Of these three, the one that fluctuates the most is the ice cream…some nights we spend our time dreaming about chocolate mousse pie (or Vicki, if you’re reading this, the mousse that appears in champagne glasses on your table from time to time), tiramisu, nutella on crusty bread, a strange assortment of candies from my childhood and the occasional oddities like salt and vinegar chips and/or pickles. Notice a theme? I was talking with a friend of mine who is also expecting this past weekend, and she told me that she has nominal, if any interest in chocolate. What? Seeing all of the chocolate Easter bunnies around has me thinking that I might be giving birth to a chocolate child. Complete with a bowtie.

Other than that, we’ve been busy soaking up the warm days outside and staying dry on the rainy ones. Two weekends ago we rented cabins to celebrate our friend Leah’s birthday which was a ball. Drew sweet talked a newly open bar-b-que establishment into catering for us in exchange for some promotion on our part and we capped the night off with s’mores and a fire, and some pretty bad birthday singing. All in all, it was a success.

We are planning for our novelty garden again this year. Drew is digging another smaller bed just for the tomatoes, and we are trying to avoid temptation in our seed choices wherever possible to keep to the space that’s available. I am just delighted to see bulbs and volunteers returning, and very, very few things fill me with optimistic joy the way that tiny buds just beginning to burst open on trees and bushes do. On my drive every day I’m seeing more and more open up and come to life, and in turn I think I am opening up and coming to life right along with the greens, pinks, purples and yellows. I am so grateful to be experiencing the beginning of this pregnancy with Spring, because it seems that my whole world is blooming. Spring makes me wax…well, if not poetic, then certainly long winded, but that is what it’s for, right? A very happy Spring Monday to you!

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