Another Snow Day

We woke up to another mildly snowy morning after our big snow a couple of weeks ago.  It was a lovely snow, and hopefully this will be our last until some time next winter.  We got about six inches a couple of weeks ago, and I took some video which you can see below.  For those of you with a slower internet connection, you can hit the pause button and the video will continue to load and then you can watch it through without the choppy loading delays.  Also, a quick note to wish Mom another lovely year–it was her birthday yesterday, and we celebrated in style last night with our favorite local pizza and homemade cupcakes.  Sometimes you just have to mix it up.  Happy Birthday, happy snow day!

One thought on “Another Snow Day

  1. This makes me smile! i love getting to see your smiling faces. Hopefully that will be the first and last snow for y’all; I’m sure y’all are ready for Spring!

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