Me again…


Morning! It’s been forever, so I’m taking a few minutes to catch up.  Almost every year I feel something bordering on dread when it comes to January and February.  Despite the later of these two being the shortest month of the year, time seems to move inexplicably slow during this dark spot in the rotation of the four seasons and inevitably I start to feel like March, let alone April will never come.  This year, however, I am sitting here wondering how we’re suddenly closing in on the middle of March when it was just January a week or so ago.  Where in the world has time gone?  I was out of town 3 of five weekends in January, and then we hopped on a plane for Fred’s wedding and some savored beach time in February, and then had friends visiting from Australia for the last two weeks of February, and now…well, now it’s March and we’re not doing much of anything.  Oh, and then there’s that business of the babe that’s growing away inside of me which has made time move both quickly and not so quickly.  I’m officially into my second trimester now, we head to the doctor again next week for this month’s check up and another listen to the heartbeat.  I feel almost guilty saying this, but apart from all of the travel madness, I had a really easy first trimester, no extreme sickness, and just a lot of tiredness that was easily cured with a few extra hours of sleep.  That, and the somewhat serious break up that I seem to have had with poultry and beef.  Either this baby is going to turn out to be a vegetarian, or I’m on my way, but even typing the word chicken right now makes me feel a little green in the gills, so I’m looking forward to having some of those strong food aversions melt away in the coming months.  I’m starting to show a little…at least I know it’s showing, to someone that doesn’t know what’s cooking in there, I kind of look like a snake after its snack.  Not a pretty image, but I can’t think of how else to say it, I’m just kind of baby bulging in the middle, which is pretty exciting!  The baby is swallowing, twitching and just generally spending our combined energy growing at a pretty alarming rate, all things that I have loved learning about!

So, that’s the update in brief.  Drew is completely off of orientation and still loving his job, Grace was thrilled with the recent snow fall, and Mable was equally thrilled with the few days of warm weather and porch sitting that came her way this past weekend.  A veritable windfall when your world mostly involves windows and furniture.  I hope that you’re doing well too, pictures and more internet love to come…

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