Animal love is kinda the best love.

Ok, so if you know Drew and I, you know that we are somewhat worthless when it comes to our animals.  We love them, we personify them to fill our need/assumption that they love us and barring a few incidents, it’s nothing but a big old happy, shedding family in the Walton household (that’s the animals doing the shedding, of course).  Drew said the other day, in response to a question about children, that while he’s not sure about himself, he’s fairly confident that I would throw myself in front of a car to protect Grace.  This is a very un-survival of the fittest notion, and not one that I should probably parade around, but sadly it’s true.  I love that dog like a smelly, hairy, wiggly, intelligent child.  And in turn, Grace earns her keep with her dog pleasantries, her singing of the blues, her love of playing with the cat, her dedication to sleeping as often as possible and her perfect way of snuggling.  She’s a good mutt.  Well, somehow that long introduction works in my mind for this video.  This is yet another story about unlikely animal love, but it gave me a smile on a Wednesday and reminded me that while the love that’s around us in the human form is swell, sometimes there’s no companionship like a four legged friend with a big dopey dog grin.

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