Playing Ketchup.

It’s Thursday, but it might as well be Monday all over again! I came down with some kind of malicious stomach bug at the beginning of the week and now it feels like the end of the week and I have a lot of catch up to do. On the bright side, some of that catch up involves eating, a task that I am very much looking forward to today, and the rest of the catching up should be equally painless, it’s just got to get done.

While there aren’t many pictures that anyone would like to see from the Walton household over the last couple of days, there was a funny moment that I captured and thought I would share. Our dog Grace seemed (at least I think so, she may have had ulterior motives) very concerned about my condition and repeatedly brought me her favorite toys while I was holed up in bed or on the couch. She and Drew were quite the nursing team, and when it became clear to her that I didn’t know how to play with her toys she took them and lined them up along the periphery of the couch as if creating a boundary. I think. Who knows what makes that dog tick really, but it did warm my heart to think that she was boxing me in with the things that she loved. Here are a couple of pictures of Grace love:



And this just kind of cracks me up because it’s a Grace quirk and a sign that we are smitten pet owners…Grace does not like her toys to have accessories, she likes to keep them separate.  Mom gave her the current favorite pink sheep for Christmas, and Grace promptly removed the Santa hat though she now plays with the tiny Santa hat as often as the sheep.  Who knew?  Twice the fun.

grace3Ok, blog post is off the list, now on to the thrill of breakfast, and then a whole big blustery day ahead!

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