A few post-holiday tidbits.

What a holiday!  This was a unique year as Drew was working in the hospital so we did everything a little differently, but it was a wonderful Christmas nonetheless.  The staff on Drew’s unit each brought in a dish to share and they sat down to a Christmas dinner in their scrubs while keeping an eye and ear out for their patients so he and I were able to silently reach out to each other across our Christmas meals.  We had a lot of fun and time with friends this year which made the days feel so full and abundant, and I am still in the holiday glow as we prepare to take off for Louisiana early Wednesday morning.

On the 23rd I woke up with Drew (even roosters scoff at the time that he leaves for the hospital) and had the Christmas zeal going so I jumped in the car to head to the grocery to get a few final ingredients for a carrot cake.  I was listening to the news and heard this story which had me in stitches in my car outside of the grocery.  It’s about a version of the Nutcracker in San Francisco in which everyone comes and participates in the telling of this Christmas favorite by dressing up and dancing in the aisles.  What a dream come true!  And if you forgot your costume, no worries, there are tutus for rent.  Incredible.  One of the more charming images that NPR has created is their term “driveway moments” referring to a story that is so good that you stay sitting in your car listening even though you’re home.  This story was a driveway (parking lot) moment for me, and it was topped off when a woman pulled in next to me and looked over to see a disheveled 20 something sitting in her car in PJs, laughing her head off before the sun had peaked over the horizon.  I hope that you enjoy the story.

I spent yesterday de-Christmasing the house so that will we arrive home from Baton Rouge in 2009 to a house that’s ready to hit the New Year running.  Although I was probably not the most glamourous New Years elf as I was hauling the tree outside yesterday morning (D was working) it felt good to take the time to organize and do a little de-cluttering.  I got together our Goodwill bags and nested the new Christmas gifts in their homes, enjoying and feeling grateful for the feeling of our space and our abundance.  I will try to get some pictures up, and will hopefully get some posting done while in Baton Rouge.  Happy Holidays!

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