A little internet love.

I reconnected with my first cousin Jabal, whom I haven’t seen since my 10th birthday party, this morning and felt a surge of love for the connectivity that the internet brings.  It’s a slight sentiment, but sometimes it really overwhelms me to think about the digital age and how much our appreciation for connecting is changing.  I was just tempted to write evolving, but sometimes I think the tone of that word implies improvement versus adaptation, and I am a big beliver in pens on paper and books in covers, and while I don’t love using it, the plain old phone call, so while there’s improvement, and room for more, what strikes me most is the change.


But back to my cousin.  As I was writing my Christmas cards this year, I thought of him and did some hunting on the internet through the whitepages site and found what I hoped was a current address.  In the card I put my email and received an email from him this morning.  Coincidentally, I noticed that my younger sister had just become friends with him on facebook, and so we have that connection now too.  All because of the world wide web.  In writing that though (on my blog.  posted to the internet.)  I wonder if the ways that this perceived connectivity has propelled us forward is compromised by the ways that it holds us back too.  I text instead of calling.  I email instead of writing a letter.  While it’s the internet that has brought me to so many incredible musings and photos and opportunitues, has the drive that’s gotten us here resulted because we lost direction in the first place?  Of course I can’t answer that, but for just a moment I’ll send out a resounding thank you to the internet for being so cool, how’s that for a random thought for the day.

(photo that I took in September when the world was still green)

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