So I was trying to think about what to post and remembered that I had a few pictures from the weekend after Thanksgiving that I hadn’t put up yet.  The photo above is from a junk/awesomeness store called Old Lucketts Store in the Village of Lucketts (!) in Maryland.  Every time we go to visit our friend Mike in Frederick Maryland, we always stop and see what we can find sorting through the store.  For those of you that are familiar with the Screen Door in Asheville, Luckett’s is kind of the same idea, except in a huge old three story farm house.


Within the rooms of the house, different artisits and junk collectors set up shop so there’s a wonderful varity of the old and art made from the old.  In short, it’s imagination Heaven.  Drew and I were able to do a fair amount of our Christmas shopping there in an effort to accquire recycled gifts or make gifts this year–we haven’t done it 100% across the board, but we’re at about 75% which is a good feeling.  I had my camera with me thinking that I would want to take tons of pictures, but I got so wrapped up in “what about this for…” and “oh wait!  look at this one!” that I forgot to take pictures after snapping the hats above.  I’m glad we have the choice and all when it comes to women’s fashion these days, but just look at those hats.  Sometimes I think I’m sailing through the wrong decades…

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