Notes from a Friday Morning

I won’t lie, Fridays have taken on a new life with the advent of our new jobs.  Where I used to want the weekend so badly that my eyes crossed, now it’s something that arrives sweetly and seems to go on forever.  As you may remember, Drew worked weekends in the hospital for about 6 months during his final semester and so in addition to my somewhat stress laden longing to be away from work, I would flop into the weekend and not have that fella around that I like so well.  We paid our dues though, and now Drew is generally off Friday-Monday, I can work from home or on the weekends, and everything feels so well paced.  We’re lucky.  So it’s Friday morning, and I’m getting a little work done and getting a post up and sipping on a really good cup of coffee, and all’s right in the small Walton world.

Here are some pictures that I took this morning on Grace’s constitutional of the last signs of Fall and the clear signs that Old Man Winter is hanging the curtains.  The Magic They were wrong again about the snow, but it’s been such a grey week that I’ll take a little sun for today.







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