Silly cat.

Our cat Mabel is not typical–not that I know what a typical cat might be, but I’m fairly confident that she’s got an atypical streak.  She likes crowds, she plays with the dog, she doesn’t know a single stranger, she’s enormously fat, and yet streaks through the house at least twice a day in a cat crack fit that makes most kittens look lazy.  However, there are a few cat stereotypes that she has not avoided, the least of which is her undying devotion to sitting on or preferably getting into anything new that we bring into the house.  Please pardon the mess, but this is how I wrapped presents Sunday:


Notice anything sticking out of that bag?  How about a closer look:


She was getting very fresh with me, meowing and walking all over everything until I realized and relented, took what was in the bag out and turned my back just enough for her to not feel sheepish about doing something so cat-like as to enjoy getting in a bag.  And there she stayed for nearly two hours.  Silly, charming cat.

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