I dream of vacation

I realized that I hadn’t put any other pictures of the beach up yet, and as I don’t have my computer with me at work that has all of the pictures, I’m borrowing a couple from Ashley’s blog  and the plan is to add a couple more this evening.  Mom and Skip are driving to Pennsylvania to pick up a paddle boat for the lake, so Drew and I are running to out to Nelson tonight to stay with the dogs and send Grace hot on the trail of some deer.  Other than that, it’s press day, so we’re collecting ads and sending pages to press…and I’m dreaming of shaking salt and sand out of my hair and spending the day in the sun.  It’s a good dream.

Caroline worked to help bury her Uncle Drew:

Here, Caroline, our friend Alicia and I are looking for what I grew up calling periwinkles (those little small clam-like animals that burrow into the sand as the ocean washes in).  We collected a whole bucket of those little guys.

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