Sunday, Sunday


It was a quiet day yesterday–Drew and I went to see the Black Crowes on Saturday night and then he was up with the rooster Sunday morning to head to the hospital.  I had a leisurely day, met a friend for brunch and made picadillo and onion rolls in the afternoon.  I was going to take some betty crocker pictures of my little projects yesterday, but I got cavalier and decided to quadruple the onion roll recipe, having only eaten them in the past without having ever actually made them.  In the end it worked out, but there was a brief period where it looked like there was going to be no end to the flour explosion in the kitchen, so I think I’ll just take pictures of the upcoming bar-b-que and the completed rolls rather than incriminating myself by posting a view of the volcanic eruption that can occasionally occur when I’m cooking.  Other than that, we are looking forward to another good week!  Drew is truly on the home stretch at this point, wrapping up classes etc in the next three weeks and I am looking forward to a thai cooking class on Wednesday night.  We hope that everyone had a great 4th!

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