I should just stop apologizing…


The thing is, I always want to wait until I have that stolen moment to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer to the internet, but in truth, time is a little tight so, today we're having a picture-less post.  As you can see, we do in fact have a picture!  Here are some reasons why I've been tardy with my posting:

-Drew's ten year high school reunion: We flew to Baton Rouge for Drew's reunion and had a ball.  We ate crawfish, saw (met, in my case) old friends, briefly caught up with family and desperately tried to adjust our Virginia spoiled bodies to the extreme humidity.  Upon our arrival home, we drove to Nelson County and house-sat for Mom and Skip because…

-My sister Shelle and her family came for a visit!  They drove cross country from Colorado, and after a trip to the beach with Mom and Skip we had a chance to catch up with them on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I have to say that I am smitten with my two nephews Alex and Nick (6 and 8, respectively) and after not having seen them since last summer, it was a pleasure to be able to be in the company of these two guys!

-My Aunt's book, In a Dark Season, has occupied the free moments that I have had! Vicki's latest (and possibly my new favorite) is set in December and both her snow laden story and chilling descriptions have kept me cool and on the edge of my seat for the last couple of days.  I don't want to say too much, but you can read more about Vicki, and the setting for Elizabeth Goodweather's life at her blog, and of course you can always buy this, and all of her books on Amazon.  How's that for shameless family promotion?  :)

-The Garden (update): our little tiny city garden is thriving–we have only harvested herbs so far, but we have lots of blossoms on the squash, tomato and pepper plants and the collards and kale are finally looking like they're in it to win it.  I purchased yellow, orange and red tomatoes from a local farmer yesterday and we had quinoa pasta with the sauteed tomatoes and basil, and a summery lemon and some parmesan on top, and all I could think about was how much I can't wait until those tomatoes are from our own garden.  After what seemed like endless amounts of rain this Spring, it seems that last year's pattern of only a little rain every couple of days is back to haunt us, so hopefully all of those rain dances I've been doing will start to pay off!

2 thoughts on “I should just stop apologizing…

  1. It was great seeing you (and briefly Drew) when we visited. The boys so adore their auntie. Especially Alex, but the two of you have always had a strong bond. We’re still trying to buy a house out here in Colorado. Your description of your tiny city garden leaves me jealous for one of my own.

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