Thank you Leonard Bernstein


I’m busy today…not surprisingly, I was busy yesterday. Life, it turns out is quite busy. I was waiting to meet with a client yesterday and was reading an old back issue of some fashion magazine and the article centered around a new diagnosis (catered to women, of course) for a Stress Disorder. The article focused largely on women with children, and one woman who was a young professional, a stressed out young professional. Obviously I don’t have children (much as I would like to count Grace and Mabel into the fold, I do realize that they don’t require day care, have never to date thrown up on me, and are very dedicated to putting themselves down for naps, among many other things.) and I do have a career–but as I was reading, I realized the difference between being busy and being stressed out. I have a lot that I can think to do all day long and often feel more hours in the day would not be a terrible crime, but I rarely feel like I can’t make my life stop for a minute if I need to so that I can have a moment to catch my breath. Those breaths make it work. Those breaths are things like not blogging, not vacuuming maniacally, not worrying about getting it done in one day. I’m learning to take breaths like that, because anyone that knows me, knows that I am more likely to overbook than underplan. Anyway, all of this is to say, today I ran out of my office with my head swimming thinking about all of the things that I need to accomplish before stepping on a plane tomorrow afternoon to fly to Baton Rouge (yeah!!). The lunch line took 20 (!) minutes, the girl behind the counter copped a battitude with me and I was thinking, doesn’t anyone know that I have things to do? For some reason I bought an iced tea in a bottle–something I rarely, if ever do–and while I was waiting (!) for my lunch I opened the drink and took a sip. In the bottle cap, there was a little Leonard Bernstein quote that read, “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time”. It actually made me laugh in the line, and then I calmed down. I don’t want to have a Stress Disorder, I want to have a cocktail and an appreciation for this glorious day, and a telegramming monkey. Haha, ok, ok, I’ll settle for a calendar. Here’s to breathing.

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