The Evil Eye…

Well, I’m sorry for being so bad at posting over the last week or so, but I think I’m back to full speed, so everything should be as normal as normal can be.
This weekend Grace found a whole new kind of torture…the sliding glass door. She has always been fine with all kinds of animals with the two specific exceptions of squirrels and deer. She will chase both, but particularly with the squirrels, she spends a great deal of time just watching them expectantly, waiting for just the right moment…
This weekend, I came into Mom and Skip’s kitchen and saw Grace quivering and pointing at the sliding glass door to their back porch. It turns out that Mom puts peanuts out for the squirrels everyday (and they get pretty fresh with her if she misses a day) and poor Grace spent hours starring at the door, tense in every muscle in her body, moving when they moved, and hoping against all hope that the glass would move and she would be free! Unfortunately, the pictures that I caught of this tango don’t really do the spectacle justice, but it does show just how close Grace came to having her dream realized. Eventually we did open the door (after all the peanuts were gone) and Grace followed the squirrels at mach 12 into the forest and up their trees to safety. The rest of morning was spent on the little rug in front of the door while we witnessed a pretty impressive stare down between dog and rodent.





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