It’s Easter Sunday…in North Carolina the annual Easter Party will be beginning to wind down, especially with the early date, and here in Virginia, our Easter Sunday is coming to a close too.  Mom and I and had a great day together, we indulged in fresh crab cakes in our eggs chesapeake at brunch and picked up a lot of new bulbs for the yard.  I re-potted  some plants this morning and cut some forsythia for the house and now my head is dancing with visions of dahlias and lillies. 

Here’s the  living room with our painting from Gail.  The mantle is filling up with new plants, and I just love having the cut flowers from our little stash of forsythia in the back yard:


Here’s a sampling of some of the bulbs we got…100_2277_2

which will go here:

the path wraps to our back yard:

where we have hundreds of violets–they are scattered like tiny Easter eggs around the yard-

All these little blooms and delusions of grandeur that I have about about the big blooms to follow sure are making me happy today!

One thought on “Easter

  1. Amelia,
    y’alls house looks great! Hope you had a wonderful Easter – looks like Spring is making its way to Charlottesville. We’ll see you soon. lv Ash

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