Well, if it hurts, stop doing it!

That was a big saying of Skip’s–I remember coming to him a number of times as a kid and sagely saying, “It hurts when I do this” and Skip pointing out the obvious in a kind, if not ironic way. A lot of grown-up children run around harping on all of the things that they will do differently from their parents once they have children, but I can’t help but think of all of the things that Drew and I know we want to do just like our parents…including wise sayings like, “You have two choices for dinner: take it or leave it” (another Atwater favorite). It could be the Spring, or just nature working its magic, but it seems that Drew and I have been talking more about our future family plans in the last couple of weeks which is making (most) children that much cuter. A friend sent this video of two English brothers to me over the weekend, and I cracked up, so I thought I would share it here as a little light hearted moment and a reminder about one of the many antics that we’ll be signing up for down the road!

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